P17 Tempram Pro

P17 Tempra Pro in Nigeria

Fembosco Limited is the leading supplier of P17 Tempra Pro in Nigeria

We Supply P17 Tempra Pro in Nigeria

Fembosco Limited is a leading supplier of high-quality P17 Tempra Pro in Nigeria. Both indoors and outdoors, our P17 Tempra Pro range of industrial sockets (16 A and 32 A) is suitable for all sites involving specific constraints related to weatherproofing, impact or temperature: shopping centres, hospitals, food processing facilities, industry, transport, markets, etc.

Our P17 Tempra Pro Solutions

We partner with the world’s leading brands to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Legrand P17 Tempra Pro IP44


Legrand P17 Tempra Pro straight plug connectors, IP44 rating with 2 or 3 pole and earth/neutral arrangement as stated, rated at 16 and 32A. Both Red and Blue available.


Legrand P17 Tempra Pro IP66/67


Legrand, P17 Tempra Pro IP66, IP67 Red Wall Mount 3P+N+E Right Angle Industrial Power Socket, Rated At 32.0A, 415.0 V. Available in both blue and red colours.


Our After-Sales Services

Our service offerings are targeted at clients who are not only interested in our high-quality products but also want to keep their systems operating at peak performance.





Get P17 Tempra Pro in Nigeria

Our reliable range of P17 tempra pro solutions in Nigeria are sure to exceed your expectations. Join the over 1873 satisfied clients that are using our products in Nigeria.

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