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Buy switches and sockets from us and enjoy ease & peace of mind. Best prices and quality guarantee.

Electrical Light switches, turn on and off electrical fixtures in your houses and offices. Besides lighting, some modern electrical switches now comes with features that senses movement using motion detectors. Other modern switches can be programmed with other smart devices to allow you operate the electrical switches from your mobile.

For homes and small offices a 13amp or 15amp (Water Heater & AC) switch is usually sufficient. 20AMP Switches is the recommended spec for industrial usage. This also depends on the strength of the wire with which your space is connected.

You will often come across terms like 1 GANG, 2 GANG, 3 GANG. What do they mean? The figure represent the number of switches or sockets on a single plate. So if you have 1 switch on a plate you will call it a 1 Gang switch. If you have 3 switches on a plate you will call it a 3 GANG Switch. Likewise, if you have 2 sockets on a single plate, you will call it a 2 GANG Socket or a double socket.

Interestingly yo will hear 1 Gang 2 Way or 1 Gang 1 way. Anyways, the difference is in the fact whether you will be a able to switch a single light on from different points i.e 2 points or not. This is very useful in large rooms, halls or stairways where you may want to be able to operate a single light or fixture from different areas of your space. So a 1 way is operable from only a single spot while 2 Way can be controlled from 2 different spots.

We also have the dimmer switches which allows you to adjust the brightness of a light to suit your mood at any given time. Most traditional light are dimmable but at the moment only few or specific LED fixture are dimmable. In cases where you will use a dimmer, dont forget to ask when you are buying if the light you are buying is dimmable or not.

How about sockets? Recent feature to look out for is whether it has a USB port to easily plug your mobile devices.

In terms of aesthetic, look out for switches and sockets that goes with selection of your chandelier, door locks and other decorative pieces in your room. Ensure to have a enough sockets in your space. Also, Tuck into the wall as many wires as you can to prevent cables from flying all around your space.

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