Isolating switch circuit breaker

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Legrand isolating switches are used for load
breaking and isolation of LV circuits. Designed to
separate an installation or part of an installation
electrically, the purpose of isolation is to ensure
the safety of people working on the installation.

Positive contact indication is checked by reliable
linking between the position of the contacts and that
of the control switch handle. The indication “I” or “O”
(red or green) on the handle thus confirms the actual
position of the contacts.
Compliance with standard IEC 60947 is evidence
of this.
DX-IS modular isolating switches with positive
contact operation are available in 1P, 2P, 3P and 4P
versions, up to 125 A.
DX-IS with trip option (2P and 4P, 40 to 125 A) can
be used with a current shunt trip or an undervoltage
release. All models can take auxiliary contacts
Cat. Nos. 073 50/54, which are the same as for circuit

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