Fembosco Engineering Limited is the leading supplier of Electrical & Industrial Systems in Nigeria

FEMBOSCO Engineering Limited commenced operations in the year 1995 primarily to serve as suppliers & assembling of quality engineering products to building projects and Industries/Manufacturing Industries/ThermalStation/Oil Industries.

Our Vision is making a new dimension in marketing of reliable products against the fake products in the larger part of our present day Nigeria market


(SF6 Circuit Breaker ….36KV…up to 2500A…up to 31.5KA)


Fully compartmentalised construction

Emphasis on operator’s safety

Foolproof mechanical interlock to prevent rack-in and rack-out of closed breaker

Independent exhaust vent for all HT compartments

Racking in/out of breaker with closed door only

Multiple guides for safe, sure and enduring self aligning power contacts

Live parts are covered by automatic shutters when breaker is racked out

Compact and robust

Tubular conductors fixed on specially shaped through bushings

Independent epoxy resin cast withdrawable Potential Transformers in the same panel with an in-built HV fuselink

Cassette mounted circuit breaker with draw out position on cubicle front door

Safe and easy truck movement behind closed cubicle door

Access to cable terminals from rear

Guaranteed voltage withstand without conductor insulation

Mechanical indication for test and service position


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