11 kV Power Distribution Transformer

Fembosco Engineering Limited is the leading supplier of Electrical & Industrial Systems in Nigeria

FEMBOSCO Engineering Limited commenced operations in the year 1995 primarily to serve as suppliers & assembling of quality engineering products to building projects and Industries/Manufacturing Industries/ThermalStation/Oil Industries.

Our Vision is making a new dimension in marketing of reliable products against the fake products in the larger part of our present day Nigeria market

Product Details:

Voltage433 V
BrandCahors Transformers
PhaseThree Phase

Other Specifications:

Rating (kVA)Tap ChangerLossesDimensionsTotal Weight (kg)
Of f-Circuit Tap Changer (%)On load Tap Changer (%)No Load (Watts)LoadImp (%)L (mm)W (mm)H (mm)
63+5% to -5%On request4.510308301080570
100+5% to -5%4.510708301130760
200+5% to -5%4.512909101160950
315+5% to -5%4.5155095013701680
400+5% to -5%4.5155095013701680
630+5% to -5%4.51590105014552020
1000+5% to -5%+5% to -5%5Transformers range coming soon
1250+5% to -5%+5% to -5%5Transformers range coming soon
1600+5% to -5%+5% to -5%6,25Transformers range coming soon

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